Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dave Alvin Interview on Song of the Day

I was really fascinated by the story of Everett Ruess - a young explorer who disappeared in the 1930s. No one knew what happened to him... then decades later they resolved the mystery (turns out he was mugged and killed by Ute teenagers).

Dave Alvin wrote a beautiful song about the mystery... when it was a mystery. Find out more at:


  1. Hi, Alex.
    This is a comment on something today (7/16/09). I couldn't find another place to leave you a note.

    Today on All Things Considered there was a story about an a capella competition, Harmony Sweepstakes. After it was over, you said, I believe "As my mother said, if you can't say something nice about someone.....don't say it. And that sums up my feelings on a capella music." (approximately)

    So what was it exactly? Was it the vocal percussion? Was it that some groups were singing bad arrangements with no blend? Or do you just not like a capella music?

    It was a deliciously snarky remark, and I was just curious what was behind it.

    Alan Prochaska

  2. Hi,

    You should check out the indie rock band Deas Vail. Just up front, I have no connection to the band other than being a huge fan who thinks that they deserve much more recognition.

    Their new album “Birds and Cages” has some of the most memorable melodies I’ve ever heard; the lead singer has an incredible tenor voice that soars into the stratosphere. I’ve seen them live three times and they’re better live than most bands are in the studio with the benefit of auto-tune, etc. They’re currently finishing a tour with Mae, and are about to tour with Owl City.

    Samples of the new album here:

    Live video I took here:

    Stuart Buck